Obsession (Darkness Falls, Bk 1) by Ivory Quinn

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My soul was nothing but an ink stain of consequence.
You made me Canute, the foolish man,
Trying to turn back the rolling tide of your dark.
And I drowned.
I drowned.

Gabriel Hallow is a damaged man. Rock star, producer and public enemy number one, he sees his redemption in quiet, wholesome school teacher Noelle Winters. Crashing into her life like a wrecking ball, he smothers her innocence and leads her down the razor's edge between submissive and victim, opening her eyes to things she didn't even know could happen between a man and a woman. Overwhelmed by his generosity and charm, how far will she go to save his soul? And when is it too late to turn back?

Obsession (Darkness Falls, Book 1 ) by Ivory Quinn
My Rating 1 out of 5 

Gabriel & Noelle....the first few pages had me....and then they lost me. Reasons: 1) Maybe I am not a fan of books being told in 3rd person 2) I did not connect with the couple 3) I didn't really like them as individuals (a little harsh, I know...maybe I just didn't care about them) 4) I felt NO chemistry......NOT EVEN LUST between them. I forced myself to continue reading it, but I am not buying what the author is selling so, at 38% I GIVE UP.

Maybe it's me, I am sill riding the high from my last book, so don't let me deter you. However, I did skip to the end to read the "WTF Moment" everyone was talking about..... I'm still not interested.