The Abduction by Erin Durante

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Samantha needed a break, and Las Vegas seemed like the perfect escape. After inheriting her father's farm and being cheated on by her long-time boyfriend, she decided she needed a change and set to make her own destiny. She expected sooner or later Prince Charming would come along and sweep her off her feet.

She did not expect to be swept off to the stars... literally.

Bound to a young alien who's inexperience with anything female proves to be an inconvenience, Samantha's days of house-arrest on a war-torn planet are boring and dull.

Until her mate's older brother comes home wounded from the war.

Then things start to heat up considerably.

The Abduction by Erin Durante
My Rating 2 out of 5 

It's an okay read with some editing problems. Also, an epilogue would have been nice.