The Outlaws (Erotic Motorcycle Biker Romance, Book 1) by Honey Palomino
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"Everyone has secrets, I just like to secretly discover them..."

Dixie is a fiction writer with a boring life. In order to come up with fresh material, she develops a very bad habit of following people to learn their deepest, darkest secrets. When she finds herself stalking the most dangerous members of the local motorcycle club, she witnesses far more than she bargained for.

How will the president of the MC react to finding out Dixie's been following him? Will she find the strength to admit to her own forbidden secret before it's too late?

WARNING: This 9000 word story is infused with graphic sex and intrigue, including a fiery MMF threesome.  Mature audiences, 18 and over only!

The Outlaws (Erotic Motorcycle Club Biker Romance, Book ) by Honey Palomino
My Rating 2 out of 5 

Another INSTALLMENT book with approximately 34 pages selling for $2.99 (thankfully my copy was free). You decide.

The story was interesting enough, but slightly unbelievable and you go with in order to see where the story goes. Super short erotica; not enough for me to move on to the next installment. I'm done with this one.