Flames (Fireside Series, Book 2) by Morgan Black

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In the mountains of Colorado Cheyenne believes secrets can stay hidden. But now that she has a secret of her own, she’s realizing it’s harder than she thought. Concealing it from her father is one thing, but what about Collin, the man she’s promised to? Cheyenne now to has to fight for her independence, while fighting to stay with the man she truly loves.

Luke wants nothing more than to tell Cheyenne’s father in his own way, but Cheyenne is hot headed and stubborn, two qualities he admires about her. Until they get him into trouble.

The blizzard is over, but the storm is still coming.

Flames (Fireside Series, Book 2) by Morgan Black
My Rating 3 out of 5

ARC Review
This novella is really short and it literally starts up from where Ablaze left off. Cheyenne and Luke try find a way to deal with their budding relationship.

You still don't learn anything about Luke but you do learn a little about Cheyenne and her relationship with her father. You also find out some things about her relationship with Collin. Also included is a hot barn scene.....and the story continues.......