Her Wicked Wolf by Kendra Leigh Castle

Writer Brienne Fox can't stop thinking about her sexy new downstairs neighbor. But the chances of living out her X-rated fantasies with the man are slim when they've barely exchanged two words.

Alistair Locke has good reasons for staying a solitary wolf. With his enemy on the hunt, anyone close to him is in mortal danger. Yet no woman has ever stirred the beast within the way Brie does, and they can't resist the erotic pull drawing them together when they get snowed in together.

But giving in to one night with the woman he desires may provide the perfect opening for his mortal enemy to destroy the exiled alpha wolf for good.

Her Wicked Wolf by Kendra Leigh Castle
My Rating 3 out of 5 

Quick and fun read. 500 hundred year old British werewolf finds his mate. He tries to keep her safe knowing that his insane brother is coming to try to kill him in order to be leader.