Black Bible: Book of Lilith by Tina Bell

A dark and mysterious night twelve years ago leads to tragedy. A coven of young witches, practitioners of debaucherous orgies and twisted magic rituals, seek to summon a prince among demons in order to gain fantastic power. But in the midst of their daring human sacrifice, something goes wrong. All of the witches are bloodily murdered.

 Now, on the thirteenth anniversary of that horror, someone is making plans for a new arcane ritual. Another attempt to use black magic and death to reach a lord of demons. When Tai accidentally stumbles across the mysterious Black Bible, he discovers that magic is real. Thanks to this mystifying text, he gains the ability to make his wildest sexual fantasies reality. He can make any girl he wants his own, and make them beg to be used a thousand different ways. If Tai’s willing to take the risks and make the sacrifices, great power will become his. He can give a girl uncontrollable lust, shape their bodies to his most perverted imagination, and bend their will to his every dark desire. And his experimental foray into the arcane leads to very erotic results.

 Who will succumb to his lust and his desire to gain even greater power? The exotic goddess, famous student council president, Rina Sakura? The hauntingly beautiful Kim Blackroot, a gothic student obsessed with the occult and who may be a very real witch? Cute and seemingly innocent Imari looking for a way to make the man of her dreams feel the same way she does? The voluptuous art professor Miss Hiroko Takahashi with a hidden past? Or the sexy and naughty campus doctor, Miss Karen Futanaris?

 But things become complicated when Tai’s actions soon ensnare his best friends, and lead to increasingly unsettling consequences, creating an attack of conscience. It’s a journey that will take Tai to erotic heights and gruesome depths. Morality versus desire, responsibility versus power, control versus lust. Will he be tempted by the dark path of debauchery and follow in the footsteps of the past? Will he save his friends, or will they become victims of the villain’s terrible plot? Will he use his power to stop the upcoming sacrifice and the villain behind it? Or, will he carve an entirely new path for himself?

About the Author

Dear Readers,

I love being imaginative, and I want to help people enjoy life through their own imagination. I think stories are a wonderful way to bring people together by sharing the inner journeys we experience when we read. And they’re a great first step to learn about life – before going out and living it!
I love books, but it’s so important not to spend our entire lives in other people’s heads. Reading about kinky sex is so much fun, but HAVING kinky sex is even better. So learn the ropes on paper, then go out and find someone to spank in real life.

I’m working hard to make writing a career. They weren’t kidding when they said that starting out we’d really be ‘starving artists’. Hopefully people get something from my work, share it and come back for more in the future. It would be really nice to put more food on the table someday. (lol) And for all you out there living your own dreams and trying to make the world a better place:
You’re Awesome! Even though we haven’t met yet, I believe in you. Let’s all raise a glass to each other’s success and work towards a more positive future. Bubble baths, ice cream, equality and progress for all!

I just want to take a moment to say hi and thank you so very much for buying this story. I hope brings you a laugh, maybe even makes you think, and that you enjoy it. If it makes you feel a little kinky, then go out and find someone you like. Share that feeling with them in the most imaginative and pleasurable ways you can think of.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialiSEXY day!