Sneak Peek and Progress Report: Mystery Project by Alessandra Torre

I growled at him, leaning forward and biting into his neck, the taste of his skin one of sweat and salt, heat and man. Dirt and want. A far cry from the cologne and dignity I was accustomed to. “I thought you were a man of action. You nervous? Worried you can’t compete?”

He pulled my mouth from his neck. Twisted my face with his hand until I was staring full force into him. Dominant eyes, the playfulness gone. Nothing but alpha male, competitive forces at play in their depths. I’d seen the look in Brant’s eyes before. When he was attacking a problem. Going after a competitor. But never when he stared at me.

“I’m worried I’ll fuck you so well I’ll ruin you for life.”

sneak peek, Mystery Project
progress report: Day 9 of 30
current word count: 32,100
today’s goal: 2,000 words
Yesterday’s words written: 1,419
Book progress: 53% done