Away From Him by Kaelyn Swan

Is true love worth the risk of getting burnt by its flame?

A Yoga Teacher

Melanie has surrounded herself in peace. Her life is one cup of tea, to another, with plenty of spiritual satisfaction in between. Just when she thinks she has her inner peace pinned down, her calm and passive world is turned upside down by the fiery presence of a man she considers to be a challenge.

...and a Criminal Lawyer

Nothing about Billy Styles is peaceful. His job is a battle of wills and minds, he spends his time with criminals that most would be repulsed by. Anger has been building inside of him since he was just a boy, and when it explodes in a very public way, he is faced with the arduous task of seeking inner peace. But with the continent sized chip on his shoulder, and his skeptical nature, he's not exactly open to breathing through his anger.

Melanie is determined to find the good in Billy, as she thinks she does in everyone. Along the journey into his darkest memories, she discovers a surprise, a deep connection between the two of them that neither of them understands. In Melanie's mind everything happens for a reason, in Billy's the world is designed to cause him pain. Though sparks fly between them, are they destined to get burnt?

Melanie begins to believe she understands everything about Billy, but after seeing him at his worst, her image of him is shattered. His behavior constantly makes her question whether she could ever be at peace with him in her life. Is the connection that neither of them can ignore strong enough to overcome the forces of emotions that threaten to pull them apart? What will it take for them to get along? Is true love worth the risk of getting burnt by its flame?

Away from Him by Kaelyn Swan

My Rating 3.5 out of 5

Opposites attract in this clean romance. Melanie is cool and calm as any Yoga Master and Billy is ARROGANT and ANGRY. Together, they are like oil and water, but that does not stop their intense attraction to each. Melanie and Billy have a rollercoaster romance, as expected with passionate but clean love scenes. Surprisingly, I still enjoyed it. I really liked Billy (you know I love bad boys). I liked Melanie but I couldn't connect with her and I think that's why I couldn't connect with them as a couple. But I still enjoyed the story.  Good book to take to the beach.