Kelly Hill by Laura Gibson

Rachel is standing on the brink of a world about to change. 

Battling a dysfunctional family life and still trying to cover up her involvement in a scandal two years prior, Rachel can't seem to think straight anymore. She's just living day to day, trying not to succumb to the stress she covers up with a polite smile. 

When Kelly Hill saunters back in her life, Rachel feels her carefully crafted lies begin to crack apart around her. Rachel had made a deal with the devil and now Kelly’s presence is causing her to go back on her word, bringing secrets boiling to the surface where they don’t belong. But when a body is discovered on the grounds of Phillips Academy, Rachel knows she can't keep running from the truth forever.

Kelly Hill by Laura Gibson
My Rating 4 out of 5 

I normally don't read mystery/suspense books unless the are laden with romance. This book IS NOT, however once I got into it I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

What a threesome - Rachel, Kelly and Jefferson! Dysfunctional family, murders, scandal and cover-ups. For me, the story is a little drawn out before getting to any understanding of what the book is really about, but the characters and supporting characters are well detailed while the story unfolds in chapter flashbacks. The author weaved a brilliant tale that kept me interested so I could develop the need to know. The epilogue killed me with the cliffhanger, but I think all the mystery/suspense lovers would enjoy this clean NA book.