In the Loop

MYSTERY PROJECT (untitled): an erotic romance
writing progress: 100% complete
expected release date: late August 2014


"I don't want to be your rebound." I whispered.

"I don't want to be your side piece." He bit the words against my neck. "But tonight, I need a fucking rebound. I need to bury myself inside of you and feel whole. And tonight, I am your side piece. So both of us can fuck like adults and both of us can get our brains fucked out and feel like shit about it." He squeezed my ass so hard it hurt, the hitch in my breath bringing his head up, till his mouth was even with mine, the hard breath of him hot in the brief moment before he pressed his lips against mine. Took a deep taste of my mouth as he ground against my thigh. "You feel that Lucky?" He grabbed my hand. Put it on his zipper. Held it there until my fingers moved. Outlined him. "That's the level of my need right now. Now, be a good slut."