The Nightlife: New York by Travis Luedke

Aaron Pilan’s life is forever changed when he’s shot trying to rescue a drop-dead gorgeous woman on the streets of New York. Aaron is thrust into the shocking world of vampiric slavery when Michelle shares her blood to save his life.

Michelle's existence as a solitary vampire is also altered when she accepts this naive young man into her life. Bound by her blood, Aaron is subject to her authority. He walks a tightrope of strictly controlled feeding regiments and intense sexual adventures while catering to the neurotic control-freak tendencies of his new master. She vows to eliminate him if he proves too difficult to control.

This story is bold and evocative, infusing blood, sex, love and turmoil in an urban drama about two vampires battling evil outside and within themselves.

The Nightlife: New York (The Nightlife #1) by Travis Luedke
3.5 out of 5

It's a pretty good start to the series. It held my interest enough to finish reading it. It's full of characters and corruption.  Lots of sex with no purpose but for lust, that does not interest me in books. I need a love relationship to form. Other than that it's a very good book, probably 4 stars but I was in the mood for something else.