My Last Resolution by Whitney G.

My boyfriend is an asshole. A pure, one of a kind, I-wish-I-was-making-this-up asshole. Every year, I write "Dump his ass" as my most important resolution, but I've never done it.

Until now. Well, kind of ... Instead of showing up to our "secret" engagement party, I've shown up to the airport--ready and willing to go wherever the next flight is bound. Determined to keep and fulfill all of my resolutions, I'm proud of myself for finally striking out on my own.

Until I never make it to my final destination. Until the sexy stranger who sat next to me on the plane changes everything. Until my "last resolution" is fulfilled a lot earlier than I thought...

My Last Resolution by Whitney G.
My Rating 5 out of 5

Hot Holy Hotcakes!!!.....I absolutely LOVED it! YES, it's TOO SHORT, but you get the story and You. Just. Want. More. 

PLUS, it leaves you SMILING at the end….Freaking SMILING!!

This is the third book I have read by the author, (I am waiting for Reasonable Doubt #3 to be released) I also have Mid Life Love, but I haven't read it yet. Once I read it I will let you know if I will add her to the "Automatic Purchase List".