Take Me Down by Lauren H. Kelley

Take Me Down, sizzling hot interracial romance (BWWM), is a stand alone novel in the Suits in Pursuit series. 

One night changed destiny. Now, six years later, Ashley Turner is confronted with the anger and bitterness that has become her crutch. Scars have left her calloused and with an attitude as sour as vinegar served neat, keeping men at a necessary distance.

Real estate investor Sebastian Stone has a huge problem. The high-rise on Peachtree Street is a financial drain on his business. A personal tragedy left him void of a solution and harboring a grudge against women bigger than his salty alter ego.

Fate orchestrates a series of events that unite the two tortured souls, proving their chance acquaintance is anything but coincidence. Unhealed wounds, lies and betrayal at play between them cannot stop the forces of attraction.

To land the promotion Ashley wants and to save everything Sebastian has spent a lifetime building, they are bound by necessity to work together. Unhinged passion erupts, but revenge threatens the second chance at love that fate intended.

Take Me Down (Suits in Pursuit #3) by Lauren H. Kelley
My Rating 2 out of 5

Okay, I am just going to jump right in…..I did NOT like Ashley at all. She is an angry, bitter woman. WTF!! I really could not get into the story with all her antics when dealing with Sebastian. I did not see the attraction and it ends in a cliffhanger.  I can't bear reading another book with Ashley's bad attitude. It's a miss for me.