In the Loop

I just finished beta reading for Prisoner, a new book by Skye Warren and Annik Martin. This book is dark, hopeful, and will have you rooting for the bad guy. I am a sucker for that type of book. This is a good read for those of us that don't mind a little darkness. 

Synopsis: He seethes with raw power the first time I see him—pure tattooed menace and rippling muscles in shackles. He’s dangerous. He’s wild. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets, too. Then he shows up in the prison writing class I volunteered to teach and he blows me away with his honesty. He tells me secrets in his stories, and it's getting harder to hide mine. I shiver when he gets too close, with only the cuffs and the bars and the guards holding him back. At night, I can’t stop thinking about him in his cell.

But that’s the thing about an animal in a cage—you never know when he’ll bite. He might use you to escape. He might even pull you into a forest and hold a hand over your mouth, so you can’t call for the cops. He might make you come so hard, you can’t think.

And you might crave him more than your next breath.

Survival by Rebecca Sherwin book tour will kick off by releasing a trailer on Saturday, September 13th. Check back for the link!

Robert (Fallen Angel Series) by Tracie Podger blog tour will include New Cover reveals for Fallen Angel 1 and Fallen Angel 2 as well as the cover reveal for Robert. I will keep you posted on updates. 

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