Taking Stock by Barbara Elsborg

"Her last days on Earth could be out of this world."

Zoe has accepted that a brain tumor will make this Christmas her last. She plans to spend it in the Caribbean, hoping some gorgeous guy will scoop her off the beach for a passionate affair, a one-night stand anything just to be held and wanted.

When she discovers horror of horrors she has no unread books for the plane trip, she heads out for an early-hours run to good old 24/7 Supa-Mart.

Rowe' s and Kai' s lives are so regulated by their home planet s equivalent of Big Brother they even have to hide their thoughts. Not easy when a secret attraction exists between them. When they re chosen for an off-world reality show involving unsuspecting humans, they jump at this no-rules chance to open their hearts.

When the giant store s exits clang shut, trapping Zoe and several others inside including two impossibly sexy guys Zoe figures she won t need a beach for a no-strings romance. But it doesn' t take long for her to realize she could be facing the end of her short future sooner than she expected.

Warning: This book contains two hot aliens with interesting anatomy, one lucky human heroine, zero-gravity menage sex, male-male tongue worship, and all the toys one super store can provide. "

Taking Stock by Barbara Elsborg
My Rating 2 out of 5

It was bound to happen, me reading a book depicting a reality show.  "Big Brother" but with a group of  unsuspecting humans trapped in a Supa-Mart with two aliens sent to steer the game ....or are they part of the game? (dun dun dun) 

I KNOW, I KNOW that this is SciFi, but it just did not feel........believable, the situation, the threesome or the events that follows. Please don't let my thoughts deter you from reading it. It just did not mesh with me but I know there are others that would enjoy it.