GIVEAWAY and Release Event - Shattered by Pamela Sparkman and Deanna Gohn

We're celebrating the release of SHATTERED by Pamela Sparkman and Deanna Gohn! 

Title: Shattered (Stolen Breaths #2)
Author: Pamela Sparkman and Deanna Gohn
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Scheduled to release: October 14, 2014

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this.

A gorgeous redhead walks into a bar.

No, wait, a wedding reception. 

A gorgeous redhead walks into a wedding reception. Poised, polished and flawless - on the outside.

He's tall, dark, and handsome, exactly like a fairytale prince and he won't take no for an answer as he leads her to the dance floor.

But this will be no ordinary dance and theirs is no ordinary story. What begins as rhythmic steps on a dance floor fluidly and beautifully becomes the rhythm of two hearts meant to beat as one.

Until the music stops.

In a moment everything she's put behind her comes crashing down, threatening to destroy what his love has helped repair and rebuild. 

Life throws punches and it hits hard when you least expect it.

What they learn is that sometimes, in order to be truly whole, you have to first be shattered to your very core.

Author Interview

What inspired you to write SHATTERED?

[Pamela] Short answer is Joe. I loved him in Stolen Breaths, and there was just something about him that I wanted to explore. And I’m really happy I did. I love that guy, and even now thinking about him brings a smile to my face. He’s just one of those characters that you can’t get enough of. And Maggie was perfect for him.

And that’s one of the reasons I asked Deanna to co-write this book with me. Whenever we interact the goofiness comes out, so it was a lot fun writing this book with her. It also makes the serious moments in the book even more intense because Joe is such a life force that in those moments you can’t help but feel every single thing that’s happening.

[Deanna] After I had read Stolen Breaths, Pam got in touch with me and told me she wanted to write Joe & Maggie’s story next. We started brainstorming some ideas and she asked me if I would like to co-write with her. I’ve always welcomed the opportunity for any type of creative outlet in my life. I’m so appreciative that she asked me to collaborate with her on Shattered. I love the characters and the story we brought to life through them.

What were the challenges while writing this book?

[Pamela] Just making sure that we keep the story, their relationship with each other, and their relationships with all the supporting characters as realistic as possible. Making sure we keep the reader “in” the story. That’s always challenging, I think.

[Deanna] You would think having two different people writing a book would definitely be a challenge. However, what we found was that it was actually pretty easy for one of us to pick up and write the next scene based on what the other one had written prior. We worked really well together. The biggest challenge for me was finding time to write. Between working and taking care of my family, time is something I’m always running short on.

What is your favorite scene or was your favorite to write?

[Pamela] Well, for me, every scene with Joe in it was my favorite, but okay, I’ll pick one. The moment Joe tells Maggie he loves her, yeah, I think that is probably my favorite.

[Deanna] I think my favorite scene is when Maggie confronts the demons of her past by going to confront her father and then hearing him out and learning the truth about her mother. I love how Maggie’s character evolves throughout the story and I hope that stands out to the reader. Joe was fun to write and his character’s personality is crucial to melting the ice fortress Maggie has placed around her heart.

Is there anything you would like readers to take away after reading the book they may miss that you want to point out?

[Pamela] Maggie goes through internal struggles, but Joe will have to face something very difficult as well, so it’s more than just a love story. It’s also about growth. It’s about holding on to hope with both hands even when everything tells you to let go. It’s about finding your inner strength and plowing through.

[Deanna] As I stated before, I would really love for the reader to recognize the internal struggle and change that Maggie goes through with the help of Joe. I think their love story is so much deeper than “cute, funny guy falls in love with gorgeous girl” and I hope that we make the reader really fall in love with and feel something for these characters so that they can cry and laugh with them.

When will the next book release and what can you tell us about it?

The next book will be Hayden and Beth’s story and I’m sorry we don’t have a release date set for it yet, but I’m shooting for Summer of 2015. We’ll see. But Hayden and Beth’s will be uniquely different from Stolen Breaths and Shattered. The subject matter will be a bit heavier and we want to take our time with it. We don’t want to screw it up. These characters represent all of us in ways, big and small. We want their story to touch people’s lives. They’ve certainly touched ours. And we want to take our time and get it right.


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About the Author
I grew up in Alabama and have always been an avid reader. I had a stack of those Little Golden Books and I can remember reading Three Little Kittens over and over and over again. It was my favorite. 

Fast forward and the older I got the more in love with books I became. So, I'm admitting that I am a huge nerd. The only reading I don't like are those math word problems. And I'm okay with that because no one has ever asked me in real life... "If I give you two bananas and take away six apples, how long will it take the southbound train to collide with the northbound train if Johnny left his house at midnight?" It just doesn't happen.

So, yeah, books are my thing.

Oh and music. All kinds. Love.It.