REVIEW and BLOG TOUR - Trusting the Knot by Kara Winters

Title: Trusting the Knot
Author: Kara Winters
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: July 28,  2014

He may hold the power, but she must teach him how to trust it again… 

While Sasha Caesario worries of finishing college with the burden of student loans, she discovers an advertisement for a well-paid summer job as a submissive. BDSM has been a curiosity to her, ever since watching a stage show in Los Angeles. However stepping into her new role requires much more than ropes and chains… 

As a Master Dominant, Dr. Richard Anderson has had his share of the spotlight, being a co-founder of one of the nation’s top BDSM retreats. But past troubles forced him to stay away from the crowds. Now, being urged by his surrounding friends to take on a new submissive for the summer, he reluctantly agrees. He’ll never let this new girl into his world. Or into his heart… 

But when Sasha arrives, that feeling to control and protect comes charging through as he sees her potential. Yet as the summer progresses, and the closer they become, his walls begin to crumble. Sasha can see the man he once was, but is she too late helping him regain the trust he lost years ago?

Trusting the Knot by Kara Winters
My Rating 3 out of 5

Senior year at college and money is tight, so Sasha answers an ad for a submissive. With no experience, surprisingly, she is hired and paired with Anderson, a Master Dominant with trust issues. In the beginning he is rude and crude but she is determined to make it work. Anderson lets his walls down and Sasha learns to let go.

The writing and characters were good and I thought the story was okay. But I really didn't care about them as couple or individually. It was missing something to make me love it. The book is good for another look into the BDSM-world.

About the Author

Kara Winters grew up sneaking in all the romance novels she could reach for on her grandmother’s bookshelves. Her love for a good story inspired her to pursue writing as a career and led to her published debut novel in 2013 entitled ‘Working Out the Kinks’.

Currently she lives in Los Angeles and is a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America), as well as the Los Angeles branch of the guild.

If she is not at home in front of her laptop, Kara is out shopping for vinyl records, exploring the LACMA, or cruising up the California coastline, looking for inspiration to her next book..

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