REVIEW - I Watch You by Irene Cao

What do you do when your greatest temptation is a dangerously handsome and alluring man? Elena works as an art restorer in Venice, and is in the process of bringing an old fresco to light in a historic palazzo. Art is her world, along with her best friend, Gaia, and Filippo, an old pal who she thinks just might be her new love . . . until Leonardo comes along. A chef with a tempestuous spirit, Leonardo is in Venice to launch a new restaurant, and he pushes all of Elena's buttons--good and bad. As Leonardo awakens Elena's senses, she faces the difficult yet exciting choice between the safety Filippo promises and the danger of Leonardo's embrace.

"I Watch You" is part one of a bestselling erotic trilogy that proves Italians definitely do it better. 

I Watch You (Italian Pleasures #1) by Irene Cao
My Rating 1 out of 5

Not a fan. Slow start and boring read for me. I didn't connect or like Elena or her BFF Gaia. I also didn't feel any chemistry between her and Filippo. Leonardo was introduced and he was starting to look like a good distraction even though he was not described in the most attactive manner (at least not to me). Anyhoo, that was not the case. Leonardo is an asshat, Filippo needs to move on and I am not going to continue with the trilogy. 

On a good note this book is written with a lot of details and at times I could picture myself there, but it's just not for me.

About the Author
Irene Cao
Irene Cao was born in Pordenone in 1979, and lives in a small village in the Friuli region of Italy. She has a degree in classics and a PhD in archaeology, and she has edited columns in weekly women’s magazines. Her erotic trilogy has already been published in Spain, Brazil, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey, and will be released later this year in Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Russia.

Ha studiato Lettere Classiche a Venezia, dove ha conseguito anche un dottorato in Storia Antica. Attualmente vive in un piccolo paese del Friuli.