REVIEW - Ruse by Kaley Copely

SEX: Yummm. . . 

PERFECT SEX HUNT LIST: . . . Broad shoulders, finger-trapping hick hair, a voice to melt your panties off, and eight inches of rock-hard mounting sensation. 

Asta Everly is a bitch. 

. . . Everyone knows it. 

One of the wealthiest girls on campus—maybe even, the wealthiest. 
But as long as people know their place, Asta’s middle name could be bitch—for all she cares. 

But lately they’ve attached a new name. 
And the frenzy has stuck viciously in her mind. 

When there’s no going back, the best consolation she has is to destroy someone else’s reputation—someone not so wealthy, someone not such a bitch, someone untouched—too pure to even hook up one time before saying— I do— the girl on campus whose face is smattered over every pathetic, waste of time, good deed, fundraising poster. 
She just needs to enlist a game player to even her private score. . .

Ruse by Kaley Copely
My Rating 2 out of 5

What did I just read?? Mean girl tries to setup campus good-girl with unknowing jock…..(SPOILER ALERT) only to realize that she is in love with said jock.  Whatever, I'm sorry I am not a fan but the writing was good.