REVIEW - The Daring Assignment by Victoria Bright

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, especially him…

I was living the dream. I had a great career as a romance author, a successful boyfriend, and am the daughter to a New York power couple. With my standing, my family groomed me to be perfect. Despite having it all, something was missing in my life.

In an attempt to break away from my privileged, suffocating life, I was in pursuit of finding my own path to happiness. After my literary agent gave me a risky writing assignment, I set out to write a best-seller that took me completely out of my comfort zone and into the arms of another man. He was only supposed to be a research toy, falling in love wasn’t a part of the plan.

As I become tangled into a huge web of lies, I quickly find out that I have a life changing decision to make. Do I choose to continue living a life of comfort, stability, and misery or do I take a chance on the unknown to preserve my happiness?

The Daring Assignment (The Curvy Assignments #1) by Victoria Bright
My Rating 3.5 out of 5

Prudish Arianna takes her new assignment to write an erotic novel to a new level with the help of her humorous BFF Gia. 

She has an unaccommodating live-in boyfriend, so she seizes the moment when she meets Zane and makes him her muse. With his vanilla brown eyes (light brown...I had to Google it, so that's what the kids are calling it now), hot body and make your fantasies come true sex, he quickly proves to be hard to resist. But Arianna must chose between Julius and Zane.......stability or love.

Spicy and quick read when you want something a little different from your everyday erotica.

About the Author
Victoria Bright is from a small town in North Carolina and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. You can usually find her hoarding bottles of Cool Blue Gatorade, playing The Sims when not writing, or obsessing over Camaros.