REVIEW - In Deep #1 and In Deeper #2 by Kella McKinnon

A sexy, troubled alpha in desperate need of love...

And the one woman who can bring him to his knees...

When Brielle Dalton went to Vegas to finish her PhD research, she never thought her whole life would be turned upside down by one man, Cristos Vicario. He had deep secrets and a very dark past, but underneath it all, he needed love more than anyone she had ever known. To keep Brielle in his life, Cristos goes to lengths that will leave readers reeling in disbelief. Can love find a way to understand and forgive?

In Deep #1 and in Deeper #2 by Kella McKinnon
My Rating 3 out of 5

Okay.... I was feeling Cristos at first, even though he was being a little stalkerish. Brielle was smart but also very stupid.

In what world would you allow someone to drag you or carry you out of an establishment caveman style over and over and over again! WTF - that is not sexy or alpha, that is psychotic. Where is her FBI brother? Why doesn't he have any intel on Cristos when she first told him about the budding and fast moving relationship? Too Little Too Late!

Anyway, I did like that Brielle and Cristos' sex scene were off the charts. But Cristos was alittle too much for me, even though you can blame it on his childhood. Brielle just needs to "let it go, let it go, turn her back and slam the door". (***SPOILER ALERT) He held a gun at her and all she could think about is "I was starting to fall for him, really fall for him". There is NO coming back from that.

Overall, it was a good read. It kept me interested because I HAD to know how far Cristos would go; how gullible Brielle would be; and how the author would flip the script for a HEA, which it did have.

About the Author

Kella McKinnon lives in New England on a mini-farm with her husband and three children, and is finally making time for her favorite past-time: writing passionate stories that take the reader away to another time or place.

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