REVIEW - A Love Beyond Time by Dante Craddock

True Love Makes Anything Possible. It is the most powerful of all emotions, through its power even time can be transcended. Ashley Brannock has always thought she was just an ordinary woman, like so many others. She has a loving boyfriend. A great job. She has everything she could have ever wanted. But she has always felt that something was missing. She’s never quite been able to pin down what it is. All she knows is that it’s been there her whole life.

Then the dream begins, throwing her life into total chaos. She must now find the answers to the dream. Why her? What is it showing her? The answers will open a whole new view of the world to her. This new view will reveal to her that love can go beyond time. When two people fall in love they create a magic that is all their own. This magic has incredible power.

A Love Beyond Time by Dante Craddock
My Rating 3 out of 5

Paranormal-Ghost, True Love, Clean Romance
Ashley started having dreams and goes through a journey to find out the meaning and how it pertains to her. This is an amazingly detailed book that transports you to a different time and place.

That is how I felt the first half of the book. The story moves to completely to modern day and I felt like I was reading a different book. I felt the events following didn't have the same feel or flow as the first half. I didn't connect at all with Ashley and Alex, plus some of the actions and events left me unbelieving and questioning.

At any rate, Ashley and Alex did get a HEA and there are many loose ends that will probably be addressed in the follow-up book. I really hate I did not enjoy this more, it had a great start but just simply ran out of steam or just maybe I'm not that deep......but I digress.

About the Author
Dante Craddock
Dante Craddock is a pen name. I have chosen to use a pen name because I plan on eventually writing in multiple genres. Why Dante Craddock you may ask. That name appealed to me. In the name lies a secret. It is for you the reader to discover this secret. If you can discover this secret a prize will be waiting for you. E-mail me with your answer. Under the name Dante Craddock I write Romance with elements of the paranormal. These stories will center around the magic that is love. A magic that flows between two people in love. For when two people fall in love they create a magic that is all their own. Magic that has the power to do incredible, unexplainable things. In the Power of Love Quartet I explore this magic. The first of the Quartet is A Love Beyond Time.I have been writing for over a decade now, but have not finished any of the ideas that I have until recently. Why elements of the paranormal you may ask? I started working on A Love Beyond Time as a simple love story, but it eventually evolved into its present form as the first book in the Power of Love Quartet. Along the way it changed from the simple love story it had began as to its present form. Looking back at it I have realized that it was always heading in that direction.

I am an organic writer. I get ideas from the world around me. From everything I read, see or hear. The ideas seem to pop out of nowhere at times. Others are triggered by some event. An example of this happening would be the idea for my first novel, A Love Beyond Time. Some years ago I saw the music video for the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. A question popped into my head. What if they were given a second chance? From that question came the origins of what became A Love Beyond Time.

I am currently working on A Memory of Love, the sequel to A Love Beyond Time.