REVIEW - Shutter #1 and #2 by Eli Chastain


Publication Date: August 9, 2014 

Review Request: Shutter Volume 1 by Eli Chastain

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I get paid to photograph intimate moments in other peoples’ lives—specifically one man. During the day, I watch while he’s working, and every night I watch him while he’s f***ing. It started as a job but quickly turned into an obsession. His name is Nikolas Gallo. I spent years in front of the camera before I escaped. Now I’m behind it and in control of what my shutter captures. The moment I viewed Niko in the lens of my camera I found the escape I’d been searching for. I finally felt connected – whole. There are two types of celebrity photographers: those that wait for their victim to venture into public, always allowing some semblance of privacy. And then there are those that lurk in the shadows, steadily invading lives, hunting and searching for the most private shot, and that’s what I had become. My name is Brook Beckham and I found my inner peeping Tom.

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Shutter #1 by Eli Chastain
My Rating 4 out of 5

This book quickly drew me in and I finished it in one sitting. I loved the story it was refreshing. Brook (ex-model turn photographer turn stalker) was really obsessed with Niko (actor) and when they get together the pages burn. There is one "little" snafu an the book ends in a cliffhanger....but no worries book #2 is available. 

I was giving this book in exchange for an honest review, I liked this book so much I immediately bought and started reading book #2.

Shutter #2 
My Rating 3.5 out of 5

Note: the author has changed her pen name to SE Dosher.

Book #2 picks up with Brook in court. My question was why Suzy didn't go to jail for her break in? (I kept reading and my question was answered).

Stephen comes to her rescue, while Niko stays silent. Her BFF Paul, stuck by her and her twin brother Brock didn't . Niko FINALLY speaks up and come clean about the whole fiasco and his involvement.

I was a little disappointed with the story shift....but mainly in the change in Niko towards the end. His personality wasn't quite the same. Overall, I enjoyed it and waiting to read the conclusion in book #3. I won't wait too long.

About the Author

Eli Chastain is a super-secret ninja set on conquering the world one reader at a time. In reality, she’s an alter ego of a struggling author that needs a secondary route to reveal her inner most demons. Follow along to see if you are haunted by some of the same. Chastain’s contemporary serial, Shutter, is set for publication starting in August 2014 with all subsequent volumes to be released before the end of the year. And last but not least, Eli is short for Elizabeth and is pronounced E-lie. Just wanted to clear up the confusion.