REVIEW - Wild Senses by Margaret Gaiottina

Orlando Saxton still does not know that his father hired for him a blind assistant. Seductive and arrogant plastic surgeon, the last scion of the Saxton family is so accustomed to the extreme reactions he provokes in women that he needs more and more exciting diversions to be satisfied. Moreover, the dissolute women he usually dates are more than happy to offer help. 

Maya O'Byrne, so used to getting by stirring trust in others and sensing danger, remains puzzled by the unusual scent that constantly surrounds her new boss: a dark smell of wild and tropical forest.
But will imagination - so developed in people like her- be enough to prepare Maya for the truth? And above all, will Orlando 's heart be able to withstand a candor so fearless and lethal?

Original Italian title: Jaguarà 

Wild Senses by Margaret Gaiottina
When I started reading this book I didn't re-read the synopsis. I do that sometimes so I can go in blind (no pun intended) and have no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to find this to be a paranormal romance so I dug in. 

It didn't read like a paranormal at the beginning but quickly it was revealed. Much like Orlando's "secret"

I am NOT a fan of Orlando, even with his alleged sexual prowess and animalistic tendencies. Maya, I kind of understood because she was sheltered.......but common sense and self-preservation should have come into play at some point. Both tried to fight the magnetic pull they had for each other but that does not condone their actions and behavior.

Orlando had his moments but I struggled with the cruelty, games and the deception the couple displayed toward each other. At 75% thru, I still wasn't feeling a connection with the couple or the story. After a couple of dramatic, life-changing incidents, the author tried to bring the situation around by giving Maya exceptional insight and intuitive understanding. So of course they got a HEA.

It was an okay read for me, not my favorite paranormal romance. I think Orlando's personality and behavior killed it for me. So there was nothing he could do that would bring it back.

The author saw my blog and sent me the book to review. I hate I couldn't rate it higher but I thought it was pretty cool that the digital copy of the book sent to me was dedicated to me and my blog.

Note: there are a few typos, misused words and a repeated paragraph, nothing that a good editing couldn't clean up.

Margaret Gaiottina has written five romance novels. "Jaguarà" is the lastest one, with the title of "Wild Senses". It has been translated into the English language and she is writing its sequel, Thiago. She lives in Rome with her husband, daughter and son.

Other novels: "Un nido di terra per la donna di Cristallo", "L’alba della chimera".