Review - Catch and Release by Josie Leigh


Anton Galen and Sophie Briggs have been partners for nearly two years. After helping build a case against Anton's mother, the two have been relegated to much small cases. However, the two want nothing more than to get back into the field and do what they do best. When they finally get the break they are looking for, Anton and Sophie find themselves in close quarters and discover a chemistry neither one expected.

Sophie Briggs comes from a family with a history in law enforcement and wanted nothing more than to make her family proud, until tragedy tore them apart. Even eight months later, she's still burning with the betrayal that took away her ties to her family. So, even though she's curious, she isn't sure if she wants to explore the world Anton is offering.

Anton Galen has always referred to himself as a Catch and Release Dom. Training submissives for their eventual Master, and never keeping anyone for himself. However, after standing up for his former submissive, Sabrina, at her collaring ceremony something in him changed. One scene with Sophie has him wondering if she's the one he's been waiting for.

With their attentions split, their target, Connor Bledsoe, takes the opportunity to try and claim Sophie for himself. Will Anton be able to bring Connor down and keep Sophie for himself? Or will Sophie be taken in by the charismatic CEO?

Warning: This book contains consensual acts of BDSM and is for adult audiences only.

Catch and Release by Josie Leigh
FBI partners, Sophie and Anton goes undercover to bring down suspect, Connor Bledsoe of medical fraud. While working as a regional manager and assistant and pretending to be lovers, the latter becomes real. 

Anton senses a submissive side in Sophie and it has him swearing to train her his way. Sophie, recovering from a broken heart and curious about Anton's world is all in. 

The two infiltrate the business training facility and Conner quickly notices Sophie. His dominate side also sees the submissive side in her and he formulates a plan to steal her from Anton. After being forced to adjust their original undercover plans, Anton makes an effort to learn more about Sophie and realize he want to build something lasting, in addion to their Dom/sub relationship. Conner, obsessed with Sophie continue his scheming.

Sex is abundant in this story and the plot is more or less a backdrop. But it's a fun read with a quick ending and for some reason I kind of felt bad for Conner because in the end he convinced himself that he really cared for Sophie.

Josie Leigh is an independent author who focuses on writing Romance because she loves a story with a happy ending. Writing has been an escape for her from a very young age, and she cherishes the time she gets to spend with her characters. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition in 2008, she pursued a challenging career in the field of nutrition insecurity and anti-hunger advocacy. She is grateful to be able to feed hungry families on a daily basis and chase her literary dreams in her off time.

Josie's second book, "The Weakness in Me," is a 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist in the Romance genre. She rereleased her first novel, "Love, but Never" in May 2013 and just completed the Professor series, her first foray into the wonderful world of Erotic romance. Her next book, "Drama Free 2003" is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with an unconventional heroine.