Reading Recap - February 2015

Whew! February, I had a very busy month being that there were only 28 days. I am one up from January's list, I'm speaking of books I LOVED and rate a 5.  If you are looking for the recap, sorry I didn't post it but it included two (2) Didn't Finish; three (3) Okay; five (5) Liked (including my favorite author, Kristen Ashley...bummer); three (3) Really Liked and two (2) LOVED.

January's LOVED books were Past Heaven by Laura Ward and Kick by Carmen Jenner. Both books are at the opposite of each other. One emotional and meaningful, the other dark and violent but both have joined my Favorite List.

Febuary faired a little better with two (2) Didn't Finish; one (1) Okay; nine (9) Liked; three (3) Really Liked and three (3) LOVED.

The books I LOVED from this month included The Hooker and the Hermit by Penny Reid, Love Hurts by Mandi Beck and Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez.

March is fully-loaded and has a few books I am really looking forward to reading. Yipee!! I better get started. Happy Reading!