Review - Ink'd by Ann Grech

With her fine arts degree achieved, Chloe Hollyoak begins her dream job in her hometown as a tattoo apprentice. Life is sweet, until the unimaginable happens, leaving Chloe and her two sisters alone and devastated.

In her loss, life spirals out of control, made even worse when she’s then pursued by Blade, a biker intent on owning Chloe. Running scared and with nowhere to turn, Timmy, the tall, dark and freaking perfect stranger rescues her.

Protective, possessive and dominant, Timmy tries to resist the much younger Chloe. But Timmy is fighting his own demons.

Can they navigate their way through the storm to find calm waters, or will past secrets, Blade or Timmy’s own insecurities destroy their chances?

Ink'd (A Hollyoak Sister Novel #1)

A little too much........but not enough. I can't say I loved Timmy but I didn't dislike him either. What's in a name? I guess it was hard for me to envision a big, hot, alpha male tat artist named Timmy, but I digress......

I just could get with the meth lab, biker bullies, suspect cop, and D/s relationship, sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner....Right???

The sex scenes were on point. Chloe, Timmy's young and innocent love interest was actually a good heroine for this book. Cleo and Claire her sister were a little confusing but I guess when their books become available we will get to know them and the loose ends that were left hanging in this book will be addressed.

This book, did enjoy it.........Yes........No........I don't know.........I guess I'm being wishy-washy.