REVIEW - Lawless (King #3) by TM Frazier

Thia is prim and proper.
Bear is leather and lawless.
It will never work between them.
It's a lie they almost believe...

It is necessary to first read King and Tyrant to fully enjoy Lawless.

Lawless (King #3) by TM Frazier

Why Oh Why do you torture us with cliffhangers??!!!

The circumstances that brings Bear and Thia together the second time is horrific. Resulting in putting Thia in a very bad situation while Bear is just in a very bad place.

He is no longer a member of his father's MC plus he is being hunted by them, his former brothers. Bear is broken and plagued with despair causing him to free fall and waddle in his own shite......just to sum him up. 

Thia is surprisingly strong for a young girl of 18. They met when she was much younger and he made an ever lasting impression on her. He was suppose to be her savior but she saved him instead. 

Thia is also kind of a bad ass, which makes her a great match for Bear. Once he comes to the realization that he deserves to be happy and can get what he wants we get a little of the old Bear back, the one that caught our eye in King and Tyrant

We got a tiny glimpse of the HOT, SEXY, MUSCLED and TATTED King, his life with Ray and the kids. Prep is even still "in the house". There is a good bit of gun play, dirty talk, foreplay and hot sex. You know what I love! What I didn't love is the dreaded CLIFFHANGER!! No worries, I guess I will have to just wait until February because I need to know "What the hell is up with Gus?" "The prison visit" and "Who is SHE????" (the one Gus referred to).

(I got this pic from Goodreads and I definitely agree with picture choices)

( I had to put this picture up because I kinda think he's hot.)