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Love thy enemy. 
From friends to nearly lovers to enemies.

Steele spent his high school years under the Friday night lights in Poteet, Texas. He went from hometown hero to jarhead in a matter of weeks, taking his best buddy,Abe, with him. After Abe died in combat, Steele quit the Corps and became a member of the Four Horsemen MC, a Texas alpha male biker club. 

Now his brother and best friend, Coyote, has been taken by a rival MC and Steele fearsthe worst. To save his brother, he calls in Ashton Calhoun. She works as a security contractor and specializes in kicking asses and crossing off names.

As a teenager, Ash fell hard for Steele. But that went south when his carelessness led to Abe's death. They're now bitter enemies and there's plenty of unfinished business between them. Can Ash and Steele find Coyote before it's too late? 

Will these enemies become lovers?

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First Blood (Dixie Mafia short)