REVIEW - She's Too Young by Jessa Kane

She’s too young, but I can’t help myself. Until she danced onto the roof of my Manhattan skyscraper—the one with my name emblazoned across the top—my life was devoid of color or meaning. Now it’s rushing in from all sides, carrying me closer to the forbidden. If the only way I can have this sweet, wide-eyed girl is to purchase her from her father—my employee—so be it. The contract is signed. Now she’s mine. 

Pure Male FANTASY.........but HOT as HELL.

I don't read too many books like this but sometimes my curiosity or maybe book boredom pushes me to read smut-fantasy books. This one did earn some eye-rolls but it was entertaining and the lustful sex had me clenching  (TMI......I know, SORRY).

This is NOT a romance. Ramsey is not swoon-worthy by any means. He is a 30 year old lonely rich man with a particular sexual proclivity, that I'm not sure he was aware he had. Veda is the innocent 17 year old student, that is a vixen deep inside.

This is a Taboo and Very Inappropriate Relationship. Some will be appalled and offended - Don't Read This Book. Others will see it for what it is and perhaps find it entertaining. I did and my moral compass is still intact, so don't judge me.

Be warned, it has a cliffhanger-ish ending. You can stop with this book and be happy or you may want to continue just to see what kind of character Veda really is.

Note from the Author:
SHE’S TOO YOUNG went live on Amazon Friday, March 18th and by Sunday, the 20th, it had been removed for sale because of “content.” By that time, (thanks to some amazing shout outs from blogs like the Literary Gossip and Shameless Book Club/author Alexa Riley), the book went to #1 in romance erotica. Which, I assume, means people were enjoying the shit out of it.

I don’t believe this was a call made solely by Amazon. I think they received a complaint(s), due to my heroine being seventeen. Fair enough. Just as I have the right to create art as I see fit, someone else has the right to tear it down and demand it be changed.

But see, I don’t really want to change anything. And I’m not going to. Because romance gets enough outside dictation about what it should be and what readers should enjoy. But we have the right to make that decision on our own. Because we’re smart and we think for ourselves. We don’t need someone to do that for us. Especially one of our own. Our sexuality, what turns us on and how we choose to nurture that freedom is OUR CHOICE.

So, here. Download SHE’S TOO YOUNG for FREE
Here are the instructions for downloading a PDF file to your Kindle, if you’re not sure how ( And if you’d like to support this message (and me), you can preorder SHE’S (STILL) TOO YOUNG, which will be available on 5/31, at the latest. It will be on Amazon. And we’ll pick up in chapter one on the day Veda turns eighteen, so there won’t be any disputes regarding the sequel. But its predecessor will remain as is.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Love, Jessa