REVIEW - American Bad Boy: A Military Romance by Eddie Cleveland

I lost my men. I lost my leg. I lost my career. And all I could think of was Lauren. 
I left for West Point with two things: a broken heart and a promise to never let it happen again.
Now I'm back in Colorado as a war hero. F*ck that, I'm a celebrity.
And every woman wants to open her legs for Captain America.
So why do I only want her? 


Even with one leg, Mack Forrester hasn't lost his swagger. 
It's been a decade since he left. But under his tattoos, I still see the guy who broke my heart when he chose his country instead of me. 
I told myself I was over it. 
Over him. 
One glimpse in his crystal blue eyes and I knew it was a lie. 
Now he wants me back, but ten years is a long time. There's so much he doesn't know. 
Like, that I had his child.

Really good debut book. I have to admit I choose this book purely because of the cover. 

Once I sat down to read it I was hooked. It dealt with PTSD issues, second chance love and more. Mack is cocky and generally has a great attitude about life, even though he is in denial. Lauren is strong and determined, she has to be because of her life choices. Lauren and Mack together are pretty hot, and Mack has it going on in the sex department. 

Don't get too excited, it's not all about the sex. There are only a few scenes but they are not disappointing. There are no hot alphas and damsels in distress, just a good story where you get a really good feel of the characters and their plight. 

Not my usual read but I certainly enjoyed it.  Good job to the author!


About the Author

If you're looking for billionaires or shifters, you won't find them here. Eddie writes what he knows: bad boys, hot sex and crazy love.

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