REVIEW - The Dollhouse by Stacia Stone

The Dollhouse is a place where dreams can become reality -- for a price.

There are Dolls for every taste and desire. Fantasy Dolls. Baby Dolls. Dolls as soft as silk or hard as plastic. Dolls that just want to be broken.

Twenty-one year old college dropout, Dalea Moreno, has spent her entire life trying to ignore the things that she can't have. When she is offered a place in the Dollhouse and enough money to change her life forever, it is impossible for Dalea to refuse. But when the mysterious patron with the beautiful face and terrifying desires selects her for his own, Dalea quickly realizes he wants more than her body. He wants control over her. He wants her submission. He wants more than she has ever given up before. And he won't stop until every part of her is his for the taking…

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 Actually 2 1/2 hearts

I liked the way the story began....young, inexperienced, and desperate Dalea Moreno has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She quits college to take care of her sick mother, fifteen year old brother and four year old sister. She has some hard choices to make so that her family survives.

She is made an offer she feels she can't refuse. CEO, billionaire, Julian Berkmore-Hathaway has his sight set on her. They meet and play. Then, they meet and repeatedly have kinky hot sex, while Dalea contemplates the position or positions (wink, wink) she finds herself in.

Okay, now here is where the eye-rolling, WTH and WTF moments begin. Let's start with the creepy Procurer. How did he know about the forbidden things they did.......outside the Dollhouse? How could he get away with chastising the BILLIONAIRE like he was a child? And then, we have the Legal Ramifications for "violating" the BDSM CONTRACT. Yeah, Riiiiight. Oh yeah.... and the fact that a NEW Contract had to be put in place and he just so happen to have it ready for them to sign.... worded verbatim. With that one, you could argue that Julian and the Procurer was in cahoots. Alright, I'll give you that one.

Dalea was naive and easily influenced, but she was likable, and I was glad when she started to grow a backbone. Julian, on the other hand was NOT likable..... AT ALL. Spanking, submission, gagging.....okay, yeah. Being self-centered and totally degrading.....NO.

I think the story missed character building layers by not embellishing on Julian's family and that whole situation. I had no love for the couple and because this book was given to me in exchange for an honest opinion, I felt obligated to finish it.

The ending was slightly rushed but I am happy to report that the couple did get a great HEA. That's why it got the 1/2 heart. This was my first book by the author and even though I didn't have visions of being bound, gagged and waxed, I would probably give her another try.