REVIEW - HELL OR HIGH WATER (Four Horsemen MC# 8) by Sara Rayne

Voodoo is comfortable being the solitary King of Hades Hotel and Diner and the newly minted VP of the Four Horsemen Motorcycle Club. An old lady just isn’t part of his equation. While he wants Lex—badly—a biker with a criminal past is the last thing she needs. He’d reached above his station before and been punished. Hurricane Katrina had washed away everything and everyone he cherished when the levees broke. He couldn’t forget the lesson he’d been taught any more than he could allow Lex to be part of the Underworld he serves. But when she needs him most, can he turn her away?

Lex’s parents were able to agree on exactly one thing after their divorce—that Lex should have no part of the Four Horsemen Motorcycle Club. But Captain’s blood runs through her veins and a part of her longs for the freedom the Outlaw MC life offers. When a campus tragedy sends her reeling, she escapes to Hell, Texas and the comfort of her friendship with Voo. But the darker side of her roots isn’t the only thing she’s determined to explore. 
It’ll take hell and high water to stop her from unleashing the storm that’s been brewing between her and Voodoo. 

Good Reading, but I wasn't feeling Voodoo in this edition. Voodoo has a haunting past. Lex, his good girl, off-limits, love interest has problems of her own. There are twists and turns, plus the vibrant and spicy New Orleans is showcased. It was a nice ride and it's always interesting to read about previous characters and their lives.

Good paced story with mediocre heat, only because I didn't really feel the chemistry. Nice series wrap up. I am curious about Coyote, looking forward to the new series.

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Sara Rayne is the co-author of the Amazon bestselling Four Horsemen MC series along with her sister, best friend, and partner-in-crime, Cynthia Rayne. Born and bred in the rust belt of Ohio, Sara embraced her Dixie roots with as much enthusiasm as she digs into her daddy's buttermilk biscuits and from-scratch gravy. When she’s not writing or over-working her coffeepot, she’s getting into crazy crafting adventures with her husband and a truly spoiled Siamese kitty.