.99c Book SALE & REVIEW - The Sex Tourist by Olivia Wild

When sex worker Lilian falls for a British guy she can’t help but imagine a better life for herself, but the temptation of easy money will ultimately seal her fate. 

After finding Lilian’s diary, her sister, Vivian, sparks a private international man hunt across three continents, using whatever resource she can and without any help from the authorities, in the hope of catching her sister’s killer. But to do so Vivian must also face the shocking reality of the life her sister had led. The trail to discover the truth is often more complicated than it first seems… 

**This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language and is only suitable for readers aged 18+** 

“This novel will seductively draw you into the hidden world of sex workers, whilst also a tender love story - love between two sisters and a test of how far we will go for love” - Amazon Review 

“Her approach to life makes this book an absolute page-turner. I simply couldn’t put it down” - Amazon Review 

A very, very different read for me.

I didn't like the flow of the story but I was compelled to continue....I couldn't put it down, I was intrigued to find out what happened next. Any author that can do that even though I'm not connected to or interested in the characters, is a great feat.

Budapest - Lillian and Vivian, sixteen-year-old twins

The first half of the book is bits and pieces taken from Lillian's diary and told in her POV. It gives us the setting, intro to the main characters, as well as reasons and circumstances for some of the choices made.

The second half is told in Vivian's POV and mimic Lillian's diary-style format. I am still not a fan of this style of writing. At times I did find it confusing, especially when Paul was speaking.

The story behind these characters is somewhat interesting. It's not a romance but there is sex. There is also a mystery to be solved but the way it was done wasn't quite believable....maybe I'm just being cynical. There is enough there to keep a reader interested, it just wasn't my thing.

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