.99c RELEASE BLITZ - Goodnight, Nic by Marley Jacobs

Twenty-four-year-old Nicole Fletcher is having a rough summer. The woman who raised her is dying and there’s nothing she can do about it. Nothing but find solace in the forbidden fantasies starring her best friend’s younger brother. Nic knows there are some lines you can never cross – but when it comes to “little” Landon Pike, she kind of already has. She tries to stay away but when your world is falling apart, you can’t help but fall right along with it. Good thing Landon refuses to let her fall alone.


“I’m not playing around here Nic.”
“I can see that. You’re like a little boy about to a throw a tantrum.”
Landon pushes into me again. “Does that feel little to you?” We stare fiercely at one other; then all of a sudden he places me on the ground and backs a way. “I don’t know why this is such a difficult thing for you. We’re both adults. We both want each other and yet you act like I’m so beneath you. Why? Because I’m a few years younger?”
“We’re practically family Landon,” I whisper-shout even though no one’s around to hear. “Christ, Aubrey and I used to babysit you.”
“We may be family Nic but we’re not related. And whether you used to babysit me or not, I still want to fuck you.” He says it to shock me, I’m sure of it. And it does but it also stokes the fire that’s been burning since I walked in the door and smelled him all over my apartment.
“You wouldn’t sound so angry about it if you didn’t think it was wrong too.”
“I’m not angry at the feeling Nic. I’m angry at you. You obviously want this as much as I do but you’re doing what you do best.”
“Oh? I didn’t realize you knew me so freaking well.”
He traces the length of my cheekbone. “That’s because you just started paying attention. 


Marley Jacobs lives in the Pacific Northwest where she reads, writes, and tries really hard not to fall off a mountain.