REVIEW - SPLIT by JB Salsbury

JB Salsbury is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has captivated readers around the world. Her unforgettable new novel is a story of romance and suspense, with a twist no one will see coming . . .

What do you do when you wake up with no memory of what you did last night?

Lucas spent the first half of his life protecting himself from others, but now his own mind is his biggest enemy. He doesn't know what happens when the blackouts overtake him, but he can recall the feelings---the rage, the confusion, the fear. Thankfully the quiet life he's found in Payson, Arizona has kept the darkness at bay. Until his boss's estranged daughter shows up in town, asking questions she shouldn't and sparking a desire Lucas can't control. Getting close to Shyann is the best thing that's ever happened to him, but when his blackouts return, unleashing the truth he's battled so long to hide, he may just lose her forever . . .

5+ .........This is going to be my pick for best book of the year!

I was hopeful, happy, sad, tense and hungry for more. I had so many emotions while reading this book, I wanted to AND did tell anyone that would listen that this book is AMAZING!

A feisty young small town woman is forced to return home to regroup after making a mess of her short career in the city. She meets Lucas, a quiet unassuming man working for her father. Lucas is a wanderer, trying to find a place in the world where he can feel safe and be content. Gage is the protector, he appears when Lucas is distressed. Shyann and Lucas/Gage made this such an intriguing tale......I could not put it down.

Truly, a REAL Page-Turner.