August Cotton shouldn’t be here. When a tragic accident calls him home to Magnolia Springs, this returned Veteran adds his parents to the list of things he’s lost in recent years, right along with his IED detection dog and his left leg. As the sole guardian of his four-year-old sister, August must rely on his Marine training in raising a tiny hellion who’s as stubborn as he is. But the Corps could never prepare him for this. Nor could they prepare him for Olivia Anders, a woman who’ll stop at nothing to get her way.

As owner of Paws for Cause, Olivia is no stranger to the broken men and women who return home from war. She’s no stranger to broken dogs either. In fact, she’s made it her mission to pair the two and enrich both of their lives, but pairing ornery and aloof August Cotton will take some work. The last thing August wants is some pushy southern woman occupying his parents’ bed and breakfast and forcing him to open up about the hell he narrowly escaped, but that’s exactly what Olivia intends.

They complete one another, and yet they can’t stand to be in the same room.

Can Olivia make this hardened Marine feel again and finally show his heart the way back home?

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Setting: Small Town, Alabama

August, Marine amputee suffers from PTSD and anger management issues. On top of that, his parents were killed in a car accident, leaving him to raise his 4-year-old sister. He is feeling overwhelmed but is too proud to ask for help. He is also feeling but not dealing very well with guilt and pain from his tour in Afghanistan, past events and the loss of his parents.

Olivia, Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie Addict, Dog Lover and Fixer of the Broken comes to town. She is determined to open Paws with Cause for the local Veterans. However, she faces opposition everywhere and from everyone. Small-minded townspeople, the local sheriff, vandals, and even August. Plus, Olivia has some demons of her own that occasionally rears its ugly head.

Of course, as situations would have it August and Olivia are thrown together and eventually work together. The troubles she faces are heavy and she is coming to the conclusion that she may not have it in her to fix everyone. It's a tough row to hoe, (like my small town expression) but Olivia is determined and so is August. Except he is determined to keep her at a distance and ignore the pull they are feeling for each other. OH MY.......the heat between them is palpable. There are limited sex scenes but the ones we got are sexy and made me want MORE

A few of the secondary characters had significant parts in the story and later made a big impact in Olivia's life. I loved the way the story developed, the awesome outcome and the beautiful ending, I DID NOT want it to end.