SEPTEMBER 2017 😐😑😟😏😊

I had a hard time getting into the groove when it came to choosing the right book to read. I started and stop quite a few books, that I won't name. I don't want to shed any bad light on them.

I finally got it right when I read King of Code by CD Reiss, Forget Me Not by Willow Winters, Until It Fades by KA Tucker, and America Prince by Sierra Simone, the most confusing, complicated and controversial book I have read this month. It's a trilogy that even though it's pushing some limits and issues but I can't stop reading it. I HAVE to know how it's going to end and I can't wait until American King is released.

I didn't have a re-read selection this month. Maybe my mind will be in a better place and I can get started quicker and make better choices.

Happy Reading,