ROCCO (Ruin & Revenge #3) by Sarah Castille

Mafia enforcer Rocco De Lucchi is the best in the business. 

In a world of organized brutality, he does the jobs no one else will do. Resigned to his cold, merciless fate, Rocco lets nothing touch his icy heart—until he encounters the one woman who has ever seen beneath his armor. And now he has no choice but to betray her all over again.

Daughter of the boss's right-hand man, Grace Mantini has spent her whole life running from the mob. When a chance reunion brings her face to face with the man who broke her heart, Grace can't deny the heat that still simmers between them. She wants nothing to do with mafia love but when dangerous forces close in, only Rocco can protect her. Can they escape the hands of fate closing around them? Or will love be the kiss of death for them both?

A very good mafia romance to start the year off with. Not a lot to complain about with this book. Rocco is definitely ALPHA.....with a dark side. Grace is a good match, even though she detests her family's involvement in the mob. She knows the rules and plays her part, up to a point.

This book, like Nico, has a lot of secondary characters, btw I missed Luca. It's full of danger and suspense. I liked that the H and h didn't have too much push and pull between them.

It's a good solid story, including a second-chance romance, hot sex, an HEA with a nice epilogue.