After eight years, Henley Calvert is headed home. Back to the family farm and small town she left behind, never to be thought of again.

Too much regret and shame to bear.

But she’s the only one left to see to her family’s legacy, so she must return to Ashfall and face all the ghosts that haunt her.


Gatlin Holt, the family farmhand, awaits her arrival, and lends a hand—in more ways than one. He reacquaints Henley with the lay of the land while helping her heal her soul with a new outlook on life.

Yet every time she thinks some peace may be within reach, Henley hits another roadblock. The biggest of which is Keaton Cash—her childhood nemesis who owns the farm next door.


And no, it’s not a love triangle. That’s impossible when Henley’s heart is closed, incapable of love.


Keaton F**king Cash. Off-the-chart HOT. Henley is somewhat of a hard-ass in the beginning but Keaton quickly melts her walls. How could you not fall for a dirty talking farmer?

I loved that it was always her for him. And he did not mind letting her know how he felt. She was still dealing with the recent tragic events and it took her longer to process her feelings and the fact that they were fated to be together.

The revelation Keaton revealed was definitely a shocker. Plus there were a couple of tear-jerker moments. I felt the story was rushed a little but I thoroughly enjoyed their salacious relationship. 

Great Chemistry + Good Story = A WINNER!!